My name is Joyce, I live in Seattle.

I'm an interactive Visual/UX designer from Columbus, Ohio. I specialize in art direction, brand strategy, UI/UX, and interface/visual design. I have worked with brands such as Microsoft, Sprint, Nationwide, Bath & Body Works, Brand Bank, Best Western, DSW, Wendy's and more.

I understand that creative solutions are designed to identify and permeate a target market and should bring relevant consumer insight into the brand and its identity. 

Design Philosophy: Users first, simplistic design, balanced/breathable aesthetic, humanistic approaches, fluid engagement, keeping current, loopable experiences and authenticity.

Interests:  Art + design, music, good food, trends, brands, kayaking, nature + the outdoors, green technology, start-ups, research, architecture, AR/VR games, educational strategies, books, traveling, animals, progressive environments, great people, coffee and good conversations.

Email | deletetoast@gmail.com